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Jelly masks are bursting with skin-loving active ingredients 

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When selecting a jelly mask, you will be redirected to to complete your purchase. - Select Va's Beauty Lounge - at Check-out to opt out of shipping costs and we'll send you a notification when your products are ready.   

Email us a copy of your esthetician or facial related credential to with the subject: Wholesale application

Following Credentials accepted:
- Esthetics License
- Cosmetology License
- Salon/spa Business License
- Letter from owner of salon or spa
- W-2 Form

As soon as we receive all of the above, we will review and update your membership registration and we will send you a confirmation with the wholesale price list. 

[MOQ] Minimum order quantity for wholesale pricing: 10 Jars

If you have any questions, please feel free to send us an email at

Thank you again for your membership with Skin Love Addict.

What are the Benefits of Jelly Masks?
The Hydrojelly mask has major skin benefits. The skin’s ability to retain the proper amount of moisture as well as a solid balance is pretty common, Hydration-boosting jellies are bursting with skin-loving active ingredients such as vitamin and mineral-rich formulas that absorb deeply into the skins occlusive layer and energize your skin for a radiant complexion. 


How does it work?
Unlike sheet masks, these hydrogel face masks start as a powder and are mixed with water at a 1:1 ratio to create a jelly-like texture. Once completely mixed into a gel-like texture, apply the jelly on desired area with spatula in a thick layer and allow to set for 15-20 minutes. It will dry into a rubber like texture that can be removed by simply peeling off the mask leaving little to no residue remaining for an easy clean up. 


Do you offer discounts for bulk purchases?
Absolutely, all beauty addicts are welcome to use our "Beauty Student" discount. Purchase four or more jelly jars and get 15% off your order using the code: Beautyaddict No Esthetician license is needed for this offer. 

Licensed Estheticians are welcome to apply for wholesale to use or resell the product. 


What is the shelf life of this product?
Once the jar has been opened, the shelf life is one year, while an unopened jar has a shelf life of 3 years. We're confident you'll get through at least one jar before the year is up.